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Take your event to the next level with web streaming powered by Chorus Call

We have developed our own feature-rich platform, where we have been delivering webcasts globally for over 15 years. Partner with the leaders in the webcasting and streaming business today to bring you the best possible experience.

Custom branding

Customize the look and feel of the webcast page to match your brand.


Closed captions in multiple languages available to suit your audience.

Webcast reports

Real-time analytics of webcast participants and post-event analytics.

Webcast Q&A

Video Q&A or Live feedback, view and screen questions internally via a browser.


Register in advance, collect your participants’ details and send them a calendar invite.

Highly configurable

We have multiple formats to choose from to suit your needs.
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Device friendly

Responsive and mobile-friendly design with HTML 5 player.


We have maximised the display area with additional full-screen mode.

Do you want to live stream?

Depending on what you’re trying to achieve whether it be audience reach or cost-effectiveness, our webcasts can be tailored to suit your needs. Users can submit questions during the webcast or webinar, download additional content and view extra information in a customisable tab. You can interact by collecting a poll or survey results live during the webcast. The webcast can be viewed live or streamed on-demand.

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Virtual and Hybrid Meetings

Broadcast via the internet. For Virtual AGMs and Hybrid Meetings, we have an easy-to-use online voting system that allows real-time voting. The attendees of the meeting can participate via an online platform that will enable them to ask questions, vote, interact and join in as you would do during a physical meeting.

Perfect for SIX announcements, annual meetings, investor relation conferences, presentations, press conferences, product launches, Town Halls, Virtual AGMs, result briefings, staff training, education and award functions.

Our most popular webcast formats

Highly configurable to suit your needs you can add as many features as you like to tailor your webcast such as ask a question, social sharing, surveys and more. The customisable tab could include speakers biographies or an embedded survey. Speaker images can be changed to a company logo or holding slide. Click on an image below to view larger.

Slides with audio

Two-column split with presentation slides and speaker images. You can easily switch the view around to toggle the slides to be left or right. You can also rescale the size of the split view.

Slides with video

Two-column set up with a live video feed and slide presentation. Our responsive design allows you to scale the size of the video or slides so you can focus on what is more important at the time.


Two-column set up with a large video player as the main focus. Speaker images, download links and ask a question feature on the alternative side.

Audio with a static image

Two-column set up with a static presentation image and speaker image. The audio player is in an alternate location below the main static image. This is great for large scale calls where you do not have to share a presentation online.

Slides with audio – single column

A single column set up with a slide presentation. Ideal for when the focus is on your content to present. Also available with fullscreen mode.

Video – single column

Single column set up with a video using multi-bit-rate stream. This allows your video to reach viewers who don’t necessarily have the strongest internet connection without constant buffering.

Webcast Reports

Get in-depth analytics of your participants from the live event and post-on-demand playback. Generate reports for registration, questions and polling. View your participant’s activity and drop off points to learn what parts of your stream are working and which parts might need improving for next time.

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Every event is unique; that’s why we tailor the experience based on your requirements. The best way to describe what we do is to show you!

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