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We are the preferred conferencing provider for top SIX listed companies

We manage your event to take the stress out of reporting

Connect with your investors through a more engaging and accessible virtual event. Our experienced Swiss-based operations team are trained specially for Investor Relation events for the best possible experience. We tailor our digital events to provide a solution that suits you.

Perfect for Investor Relation events, large scale calls, annual meetings, presentations, product launches, AGMs, and more.

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Diamond Pass

Pre-register and get instant access with Diamond Pass.
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Voting & Polling Support

Host voting/polling sessions or conduct surveys.

Digital Playback

Make your conference available for replay via dial-in.

On-Shore Data Storage

Your data and recordings are stored securely in our on-premises data center.

View Q&A

Manage your Q&A and view all parties on your call.
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Sound & Equipment Check

New equipment?
Schedule a test before your event.


Prepare, ask questions and confirm any last-minute changes before your event.

Large Port Capacity

Contact us for a quote with your expected party numbers.
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Bring everyone together

Conference in confidence with our reliable and easy to use technology. To effectively communicate with your investors and stakeholders is more critical than ever. Easily share content, engage and ensure that your message is understood to your audience regardless of the location.

Our specialists are waiting to make your next Investor Relations event a success.

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Book your free demo

Every event is unique; that’s why we tailor the experience based on your requirements. The best way to describe what we do is to show you!

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