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Our History



International structure with local service

Chorus Call Switzerland was launched in 1994 as the first branch of our global company Chorus Call Inc. based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – USA. We have offices in 11 countries and cover every continent. Each office caters to their local market while at the same time cooperating with the rest of the global team to guarantee the most efficient operational structure.

Company creation

Our CEO and company founder, Dr. Giorgio Coraluppi, was named CEO of the year at the Pittsburgh Technology Council during the 2013 Tech awards.

Founded by an entrepreneurial scientist and engineer with a vision of excellence, Chorus Call boasts a proud heritage amongst the pioneers of teleconferencing, videoconferencing and webcasting. Dr. Giorgio Coraluppi established Compunetics in 1968 with the commitment to develop a world-class organization, dedicated to manufacturing and selling printed circuit boards to offer robust conference calling bridges and other systems for complex processing applications. As a result of its success in data communications, Compunetics established two subsidiaries: Compunetix, Inc and Chorus Call, Inc. Today these companies have combined under one name, Chorus Call, to provide large-scale multimedia multipoint teleconferencing systems in commercial and government markets as well as providing webcasting, webinar, audio, data and video teleconferencing services. Chorus Call and Compunetix form a vertical integration business model where Compunetix encompasses the engineering and manufacturing team and Chorus Call comprises the service provider team.

Technology development

We have been manufacturing high quality teleconferencing bridges since 1986 and video conferencing bridges since 1994. In the year 2000, Chorus Call began developing web interfaces to complement teleconferencing services. Interfaces were created to allow viewers to see who the callers are in their conferences and who was lined up for questions. Development persisted to create a media frame where slides and audio/video streaming could take place. This frame was one of the first in the webcasting industry. In 2006, Chorus Call created its first screen sharing, web collaboration interface called iPresent, a complement to teleconferencing meetings.

This technology was then refined in 2010 when Chorus Call created a unique social networking and online collaboration application called C-Meeting which combines traditional web-based collaboration technology (streaming, slide sharing, screen sharing, library, voting and polling, Q&A) and social networking (online posts, friend networks) together. For over 40 years, our company’s dedicated engineers and account executives have developed a respectable position within the telecommunications sector all around the world. Chorus Call has provided teleconferencing and video conferencing hardware and services to various organizations and renowned institutions such as NASA, the European Union Secure Justice, the USA Senate, and the USA Department of Defense. In Canada, we work with a variety of sectors and industries such as Energy and Resources, Not-for-Profit, Investor Relations, Corporate Secretaries, and Employee Training to name a few. Our technology is robust, trustworthy, secure and innovative.

Dedicated staff

Since it is a significant player in the development of the telecommunication market at a global scale, Chorus Call’s staff understands the importance of dedicated and customizable services that lead to long term business relationships with all our clients. We pride ourselves on being able to offer 24/7 operator support in various languages. Chorus Call’s clients benefit from an extensive network of engineers, programmers, account executives and operational staff to ensure that their needs are met. We have been experts at facilitating communication through technology for over 40 years and we make sure to constantly look forward.

Our Swiss Team

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Carmen Vece-Sánchez
General Manager

Michela Fabiano
Director of Administration & HR

Fabio Jacocagni
Account Executive

Tamara Alippi
Account Executive

Miruna Seminara
Account Executive


Moira Ghiringhelli
Manager of Operations

Alice Mantovanelli
Senior Conference Specialist

Sandra Santamaria
Conference Specialist

Andrea Loria
Media & IT Specialist

Sacha Brunel
Media & IT Specialist

George Georgiou
Media & Conference Specialist

Viky Mazzei Koutantis
Billing Department

Sharihan Statti
Accounting & HR Assistant

Our Culture

Roots that Run Deep

In Communications & High Technology

Chorus Call boasts a proud heritage among the pioneers of teleconferencing, video conferencing and webcasting.

Compunetix is respected by telecom industry insiders for expertise, innovation, customer service and corporate stability. Every day, hundreds of organizations around the world rely on Compunetix for the highest level of quality and service. Compunetix currently has conferencing bridges installed in practically every major market around the globe.

Chorus Call serves a full spectrum of companies in the global business community with a physical presence in twelve major markets. While each local office tailors their services to meet the needs of their marketplace, the teams collaborate on a regular basis to advance the technology and the capabilities of the organization as a whole. This sharing of best practices has allowed Chorus Call to move into the forefront of corporate conferencing on every continent; providing boutique quality teleconferencing, webcasting, webinar and video conferencing services to public companies ranging from small mining and forestry operations to some of the largest Swiss banks.

Forty-plus Years of Looking Forward

The Chorus Call and Compunetix development teams excel at engineering enhancements for our service offerings. With input from all sectors of the organizations, exciting new applications are frequently released. Chorus Call clients benefit from this nexus of teamwork, talent, and vision.